This binder was the start of this whole blog/website idea. A few friends suggested it I am. It took me awhile to figure out how to do it so people could get their own pages from my templates, so I hope they work! 
NOTE: YOU HAVE TO GO TO KEVINANDAMANDA.COM AND DOWNLOAD THE FONTS I USED IN ORDER TO GET THE PRINTABLES. THEY ARE PEAS JENNY SCRIPT AND THE PEAS IN LOVE DOODLES.  Otherwise the formatting will be all wrong. You might have to hit "enter" here and there to get everything just so, but they should be close enough so you can figure it out. If you click on either link above, it should bring you directly to the page needed to find each font and then you just have to download takes about 5 seconds.
printable labelssimplify page,  printable monthly budget sheet,  Bill Tracker
shopping listcoupon listcontact listmedical info pageemergency infoRules and Routines , baby logprintable calenda
It seems like everyone is using these handy binders to keep their lives in order lately, and I am no exception. There are so many cute tutorials out there, but everyone's family is a little different. That's why I tried to make it easy to edit these pages-so you can make your's personal, without having to spend hours at the computer like I did!

I use this awesome printable baby log from etsy as a laminate inside a plastic page protector (she suggests putting it in a frame as DIY dry erase board). There is another zippy pouch here to keep coupons for baby supplies separate from my grocery coupons.

This is our bill tracker. I use this to keep track of due dates on revolving things like credit cards, cell phone bills, etc. I have them sorted by due date and made a column for login info since we can never keep our passwords straight!

I found this budget sheet online and it is the best. Simple and straight forward (AND FREE!!)...why change a thing?!

Again with the zippy pouches! I keep restaurant coupons in a separate zippy pouch and included a phone list of pizza places, etc for the the "simplify page"

I can never keep my address book organized so I started from scratch on this contacts page. I keep phone #s in my phone and emails in my email contacts, but I can never find addresses when I need them. I finally took the time to put them all in one place...The contacts page only includes names and addresses. I put them in plastic page covers and then keep post-its in the binder. Instead of having to add them right away or keeping scraps of paper all over the house, I write any new addresses on the post-it, stick it to a page and add it to the list when I have time. 

I made a "plan" section at the back so my hubby, the sitter and I all have one place to reference eachother's and the kids' schedules. I loved this printable calendar (this woman's site inspired my whole binder) so I didn't create my own...but I DID feel the need to color that little heart pink! ha :)

The first thing I did was buy 4 zippy pouches at $.75 each to hold various items I always need. The first one holds my calculator, a sharpie,coupon scissors, a pen, a fine point dry erase marker (for my DIY laminate baby log and grocery list) and post-its.

I have a section labeled "shop" where I keep my DIY laminate grocery list (notice another fine point dry erase marker), another zippy pouch for coupons and a coupon list I created to keep my coupons straight. I cut out the coupons, stick them in the pouch and then write what the coupon is for and the expiration date on the coupon list. Then after I use it, I just cross it off the coupon list. Its a lot easier to keep track of them than one of those foldy coupon holders.

This is my grocery list-stuff we buy regularly, Again, I stuck it in a page protector and use the dry erase to circle things we need....the little 'c's are things I have coupons for. I used cardstock rather than plain paper to make this a little more durable.
The coupon list... disregard the chicken-scratch handwriting!

A created a section of emergency info for the sitter that includes the kids' dr #s, allergies, and current dosage info of Tylenol and ibuprofen. I also made an emergency page with the number for the vet, local police, grandma & grandpa's #s, and poison control-just in case!

Another thing I included but don't have a pic for is the "Rules & Routines" page I included for the sitter. I wanted her to have a place to go if she had questions about the kids' rules, discipline, and the routines of bedtime, naptime, etc. 
I created these "labels" which I adhered to file folders(3 pack at Wal-mart $1) with a glue stick, rather than trying to format and buy actual labels for printing. I printed these, the grocery list, and contacts pages all on cardstock rather than plain paper for durability. 

Supplies & Price List for Binder

1.  4 plastic zippy pouches from Wal-mart $0.75 each.
2.  White paper and white cardstock-had on hand.
3.  3 pack of file folders (cut in half and 3-hole punched to make 6 section dividers) $1.00.
4.  3 pack fine point dry erase markers. I had mine on hand but saw them at Wal-Mart for under $4.00.
5.  Plastic page protectors (to use as laminates for baby log, grocery list)-had on hand. 
6.  3 Ring Binder. -had on hand but sell for under $4.00.
7. Pen, calculator, post-its, coupon scissors -all on hand.
8. Baby log from etsy $3.50.
9.  gluestick for adhering "labels" to file folders.
10. Printer ink and time! 

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