Another one of my favorite things! Foam stickers & card stock in all varieties are always in our craft closet! They are so easy to grab at the dollar store or on sale, and they make them for EVERY occasion. Plus, they are fitting for almost any age... Including 32! Getting ready for Father's Day! Thought I'd share a few ideas...
Easy monogram for kids notebook...add glue or glue stick to the back if you really want it to stick!
Kids DIY luggage tag to help them track down their bag- definitely suggest the gluestick on this one!
Here's something I do a lot! I got this can at the dollar store and used it for a bday party last fall as a napkin holder. I slapped a few letters on it that said "party" & everyone thought it was so cute. Since then it has said "mom" and "spring"... Now we are back to "party" again for the upcoming dad's day BBQ . They peel right off and the cheap can is easily redecorated for the next event!
This is just an example of something we do a lot... A cheap gift bag, personalized in about 2 minutes! Easy for kids and a little more special for gramps!
Here's our Father's Day card! I haven't actually bought a gift card in a few years-since I found out I can slap some stickers on whatever cardstock I have around and make it much more personal for the recipient. The little heads are left over Pilgrims we had from Thanksgiving. 

Well that's it! An evening spent crafting! The best part about little projects like these is the chatter around the table <3

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