For my dad's birthday I decided to try something new.... I saw a recipe for a brownie cake with caramel sauce and tweaked it just a little.
1 family size box of brownie mix
3 eggs
1/2c oil
1/4c water
Nuts ( I used walnuts)
1 jar caramel topping
1 can whipped cream

Mix eggs, oil, water, about 3/4 of the nuts and mix. Bake in a greased & floured 16X9 cake pan at 350 for 30 minutes.
While the cake is hot/warm poke holes in the top. Then pour the caramel sauce over the top and spread. It will seep into the holes and leave a gooey layer on top.
Stick it in the fridge for atleast a half hour. Then cut in to squares and top with whipped cream and the rest of the nuts! It will be gooey-bowls might be a good idea. And after I tried it-vanilla ice cream would've been AWESOME!

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