About 3 years ago my Grandma passed away. At that time I didn't have space for any more furniture but I didn't want to see some of her stuff given away. I took this buffet and her hutch (which I am also refinishing). They have been sitting in my parent's garage ever since. Well, my hubby and I are looking at homes with more space so I will have a space for these things!!! But-as you can see- this buffet needed some updating. It's hard to tell from the picture but it's actually pretty worn out... The wood is faded in areas because of the sun and it is in pretty rough shape.
I don't necessarily mind the hardware, but all of our current stuff has more of a silvery look so I wanted it to match, or atleast be close.
I started by using 2 coats of this primer-after thought: I should've used a darker primer! It was 1-2-3 primer by Zissner and it is meant to adhere to any surface without sanding! Hooray for that. I did sand the top, only because it had some water damage and I figure it will get used more and be more likely to chip than the other areas.

This project took me 2 days, but I was doing it during naptime and after bedtime (before sundown), so really not bad at all. I used a premixed can of 'Espresso' satin paint from Home Depot and a small roller. I did hardly ANY trimming with the brush and (as you can see) didn't paint the inside because I am LAZY! I really like the finished product and will really love knowing I have something special in our new home!

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